My goal is to help you along the process to reduce physical pain and inflammation, improve your balance and posture, and make movements in every day life easier.

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Rolfing® Structural Integration is a bodywork technique that reorganizes connective tissues, called fascia, to help improve your quality of movement and function. Utilizing a mixture of manipulations, it will help you to experience better posture, ease of breath, alignment of the joints, and relief from chronic aches. Rolfing can help you increase your body’s awareness and swing into an improved and healthier you.



Rolfing® guides the body back to order by releasing old compensations and patterns while assisting the body in relearning efficient function which, although known, has been lost or forgotten. As restrictions are released, movement becomes more coordinated and refined. The body feels light, roomy and at ease. Flexibility, range of motion and joint stability are all favorably enhanced. You’ll feel more open, relaxed and strong. You’ll be more easily able to handle stress of all kinds.



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